Wonder if this will become a storyline on 'Derry Girls'...

At this stage of quarantine, we're all feeling a bit bored. Some have started experimenting with their hair. Others are experimenting with their dog's. Caitlin O'Connor based in Derry decided to dye her family dog, Ted, bright green.

Ted was just about to turn a year old so what a way to mark the occasion.

According to Caitlin, her mammy Caroline "idolises" Ted, adding "I knew she would react crazy if I did it behind her back."

And indeed that's just what happened when she let Ted run into the kitchen, revealing his new look, as Caroline calls in exasperation: "What did you do to Ted?! Caitlin, what is that green stuff?!"

It's a semi-permanent dye that will be gone in the next ten washes.

The clip has gone viral on Twitter providing many with a much needed laugh at this trying time.