You'll no doubt know that a lot of famous people are paid cold hard cash to flaunt specific brands and items on their Snapchat.

If you're one of those people who follows celebrities on Snapchat, you'll often seem them specifically talking or holding either an item of makeup or food or drink and, yes, they've been paid to do that.

Not Chrissy Teigen, however. The model and host of Lip Sync Battle posted on her Snapchat about her love of... Kerrygold Butter?

Yeah, she's a fan. Listen, Chrissy, throw some Dubliner Cheddar Cheese and a bit of Galtee Ham on that, a little bit of red onion and throw the thing under a grill for about five minutes.

That'll sort you right out, so it will. Celebrities liking Irish butter. What a world, folks.


Via Snapchat