Yes, that's the sound of our entire office collectively awwing.

In 2012, Siobhan McCormack's Jack Russell, Oscar, went missing after he went out to the garden one evening. Not knowing where he went, or what happened, McCormack has given up hope of finding him, until last week when, nearly four years later, the pair were reunited.

“It will be four years in January. He just went out to go to the bathroom one day and he just vanished. There was no sign of him he was completely gone,” said Siobhan while speaking to Ryan Tubridy his RTE Radio One show.

"We put up posters, we went on internet sites, we did everything we could to try and get him back". 

The efforts were unsuccessful though, until last week.

“I got a phone call last Thursday morning and this lady said she had found my dog. I thought she meant the little dog we have at home. And she said it was a male Jack Russell. It was Oscar".

Oscar was micro-chipped, so all of Siobhan's details were available for whoever found the dog to contact her. Unfortunately it took this long for the information to be used, but Siobhan just seemed happy to to have the little fella back.

“We have no idea where he was but wherever it was he was well looked after. He was well fed and minded.

"He didn’t recognise me but he did recognise my partner Jason. He went mental when he saw him. He was wobbling around the place and hopping up on Jason".

He's now back home, safe and sound, reunited with his brother, which just makes this even better.

"When he got into the house he knew exactly where to go. He recognised his brother. He gave him a bit of a growl but now they’re good pals,” Siobhan said.