Mt. Everest has been in the news a fair bit lately - for unfortunately terrible reasons. The world's highest peak has long been the ultimate challenge for those looking to test themselves, but that challenge can often end in tragedy.

To you and me it might seem like an incredible achievement, and it is, but more so for the 'Sherpas' who evidently do all of the heavy lifting - literally - with less experienced climbers who are a deep hindrance on others.

John Oliver's deep dive into the semantics of how people get to the peak, the money involved, experience required and the affect on the local community is utterly fascinating stuff.

Very few people can articulate something like this in such an enlightening, but still entertaining manner.

This is very much worth 20 odd minutes of your time.

Oliver is currently the most watched late night host in overall viewers, followed by fellow HBO host Bill Maher, and it's easy to see why.