They're not all trapped in a hostage situation trying to negotiate with some wild-eyed kidnapper, although that would be pretty amazing, they are instead all vying for the same London hotel suite. Not quite as exciting as the headline would suggest, but perhaps it may inspire Harvey Wienstein to get on it ASAP; who wouldn't pay to see that, hah?!

The trio of A-list actors are all used to enjoying the luxury of an unspecified hotel (we'll say The Savoy), but two of the stars are to miss out on occupying their favourite suite when they all film separate movies in London later this year.

A source told The Sun: "None of these guys are used to being told they can't have something so it's a bit of a standoff at the moment. Hotel staff are finding it a bit awkward because they have to keep telling them it's still a problem. They're all loaded, so it's not a case of who can throw the most money around."

51-year-old Tom will begin work in on Mission: Impossible 5; 50-year-old Johnny will film Disney's blockbuster 'Alice in Wonderland' sequel, and 45-yerar-old Hugh will play the villain in new Peter Pan adaptation Pan.

They only way to settle who gets the room is to put it to a public vote. That way Hugh Jackman would totally win.