It's a chilly Monday, but we guarantee this tail tale will warm you right up. A story about how a lost dog was reunited with its owner and family after being lost for two weeks is spreading fast online. And that's because it's just so darn lovely.

A tweet from Joy, whose handle is @joypatrica (via @jeanfrancoiswillem on Tiktok) explained how the lost dog was saved.

She wrote: "My work colleague lost her Labrador 2 weeks ago in the Wicklow mountains.

"A couple found her and saved her life. They made this vid of her rescue.

"Now reunited with her family."

She added the hashtags: #faithinhumanity #kindeness [sic]

The video details how they wrapped the dog, who was so cold that she couldn't move, up in a puffy coat.

Her rescuer carried her on his back for approximately 10km down the mountain.

They warmed the dog up in a blanket after which her owners came home to cuddle and comfort her.

The touching saga is set to the song "Surrender" by Natalie Taylor.

Watch the video about the lost dog here (and maybe have some tissues at the ready):


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