"We're back at the butter shop. Queens. And we go goo goo gaga for gay."

If you're wearing headphones right now, you might want to turn them down because she is shouting. And we're here for it. The comic who went viral last year with her "sashaying away with deals" post, Meg Stalter, is back again with another Pride month video from Cecily the butter shop owner that will have you struggling to keep it together.

In case you weren't aware, June is Pride Month, typically a month filled with rainbow-flagged celebrations of all things LGBTQ+. Controversially, it's also a time when corporations - how do we say this - piggyback off of the month by tacking a rainbow flag onto their logo (while the rest of the year, the word "queer" or "gay" will never be uttered by them). It gives off the vibe of them being "okay with gay" when some of them are very much the complete opposite.

And so, Cecily and her butter shop have upped the ante with their promotional Pride video this year, because, as she says, "we're more lesbian than ever".

Cecily announces that the butter shop has some exciting new flavours rolling out especially for the month ahead, including "sassy cinnamon", "hickory hickey from the guy" and even the one you've been waiting for, "eat me out Amber cheddar".

There's plenty more gags, so take a look at the video below.

Meg Stalter started to gain a following before her first Pride video from last year, having risen to fame during 2020 for posting oddball homemade content taking the piss out of celebrities and just people in general. Now a certified queer icon, who is also bisexual, she headlines her own stand-up comedy shows and also features in HBO Max's comedy series 'Hacks', starring Jean Smart.

And sure, for good measure, here's Meg Stalter's original Pride video post from last year. We think it's cool!

Now go out there people and make the best of Pride Month, and just as Cecily does, light a candle for every person that looks gay.