Another week, another ménage a trois gone wrong. Seriously people, stop getting down to business in vehicles that aren't safely disengaged.

Last week it was China but this week it's the turn of the land of the free and the home of the brave. And the adventurous it turns out. A frisky trio with a bit too much tipple in them almost caused a national security incident after the boat they were on breached the perimeter of the New York airport and crashed into the runway, all because they were too busy doing the nasty.

The 51-year-old captain and his 60-year-old friend allegedly began their night in a bar at 9pm, meeting a woman there and after two and a half hours of boozing decided to retire to his boat for a romp but instead of docking somewhere, he left the ship adrift (we're guessing he got distracted) resulting in the vessel running aground. When police arrived on the scene, there were 'dozens' of empty beer cans and the captain and woman suffered facial injuries. He has since had both his driving and boating license.

The best quote in all of this comes from a 'source' at the NY Post saying the lesson here is: 'If you’re feeling amorous aboard a boat, I suggest you drop your anchor before you drop your pants.'