Well, it's the thing to do if you're desperate to back in to the ample bosom of the American populace (and Nigella would be given her new homely goddess type TV show is currently being aired over there). A sit down with Oprah does generally do the trick - unless you're Lance Armstrong, or Chris Brown, or Tom Cruise. Then it can kinda work against you - depending on your level of enthusiasm.

Now it's the turn of the 53-year-old chef - who recently had little option but to confess to taking cocaine, and saw her marriage to Charles Saatchi end following the publication of photographs of him with his hands round her throat - has agreed a deal for a sit-down discussion on camera with the US broadcaster, Isleworth Crown Court heard yesterday during the ongoing fraud case against her former assistants, Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo.

During her personal assistant Anzelle Wasserman's second day on the witness stand, Karina Arden, representing Francesca (keep up), said: "Ms Lawson has signed an exclusive agreement with Oprah Winfrey for an interview in January." However, the claim was denied, with Nigella's employee saying: "That's not correct."

Eh, so she may not be interviewed by Oprah? We're so confused. I mean, it's not like one of her assistants to lie, or anything...

The court also heard Nigella spent over £55,000 in Donna Karan Stores in London and New York in four years. Another personal assistant, Zoe Wales, was asked about 22 transactions totalling £55,567.68 which she had used her company credit card to pay for and said the spending was on "clothes for Nigella". The Taste star also splashed out £7,626 on a "custom-made sofa" from Peter Dudgeon Ltd in Chelsea.

Again, it's not Nigella on trial here, it's her money she can spend it how she pleases. Personally I wouldn't spend a whisper of that on Donna Karan clothes, more of a Penny's girl, but each to their own.

By way of reminder, the Grillos are accused of defrauding Nigella's ex-husband Charles by spending around £685,000 on personal items with their company credit cards.

The trial continues.

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