You couldn't make this stuff up.

People queueing to get to see Russell Crowe's Noah on its release last Friday in Exeter were left disappointed after the cinema had to close due to flooding. Yes flooding, on the day Noah opened. You'd swear someone had planned it.

The Vue Cinema in Exeter suffered flood damage after an ice machine broke overnight, and staff arrived into work at 7am to a lot of excess water. Obviously not a biblical amount, but enough to keep the cinema closed until 2pm, well after the first scheduled screening of the film at 12.15pm.

A spokesperson for the cinema said: 'We can confirm that there was flooding at Vue Exeter on Friday 4th April due to a fault with an ice machine. We are open for business as usual and are working with engineers to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.'

Alanis Morissette is penning a song as we speak.

Via Geekosystem/Exeter Express & Echo