Emma Stone did rather well for herself at last night's People Choice Awards, but sure you can read that for yourself below. I'm more interested in Miley Cyrus' armpit. Not because it's partially housing yet another marvelous tattoo, more because it's not groomed. If you look closely, there's *gasps* some growth there. I've nothing against that, I'm currently smuggling some woodland creatures under my arms, however I'm not showing them off on a red carpet. I'm employing sleeves until I encounter the epillator later on this evening. Might I suggest you do the same. You're not Julia Roberts, or German... Having said that, it's quite nice downy hair. Maybe women across the globe should stop being slaves to their underarm growth. Then again, maybe not. The porn industry would never go with it.

To the winners!

Favorite Movie Actress
Emma Stone, The Help & Crazy, Stupid, Love

Favorite Daytime TV Host:
Ellen DeGeneres

Favorite TV Comedy Actress:
Lea Michele, Glee

Favorite TV Drama Actress:
Nina Dobrev

Favorite TV Comedy Actor:
Neil Patrick Harris

Favorite Comedic Movie Actor:
Adam Sandler

Favorite Movie Star Under 25:
Chloë (she's insisting on her middle name) Grace (being in there now) Moretz

Favorite Band:
Maroon 5

Favorite Drama Movie:
Water For Elephants

Favorite TV Drama Actor:
Nathan Fillion

Favorite Comedy Movie:

Favorite Cable TV Comedy:
Hot in Cleveland

Favorite Movie Icon:
Morgan Freeman

Favorite New TV Drama:
Person Of Interest

Favorite New TV Comedy:
Two Broke Girls

Favorite Network TV Comedy:
How I Met Your Mother. Yes, Willow is with child again.

Also featured: Kirsten Bell, Demi Lovato's bee-hind, Kelly Osbourne's very natural hair, the lady who repeatedly puts up with Angel's infidelities, Ewan McGregor, a somber looking Jennifer Lawrence in an Bord Iascaigh Mhara themed ensemble, Elisha Cuthbert, Kat Dennings, Julianne Hough, one wrecked looking Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene, Ginnifer and Jennifer, Pauly Perrette's fetching badge (it says "NO H8"), host Kaley Cuoco, and oodles more.