We don't care if it's wrong to feel smug about this because he was asking for it to be honest.

Usman Ali rented the white Ferrari 458 Spider for his wedding last weekend and if he was hoping to make a scene with it, he may have gone a tad overboard by crashing it into the front of a house.

Ali claims that his foot got caught in the car mat and he then pressed the accelerator instead of the brake, resulting in the €300,000 car plowing into the house of a friend that he was visiting as part of his ongoing wedding celebrations.

No one was hurt in the incident but Ali's wallet (deep as it undoubtedly is) will be, as he's been hit with an insurance cost of up to €32,000 as well as losing his €6,000 deposit on the car.

"I don't think he had enough experience driving this sort of car," a friend of Usman told The Daily Mail, qualifying not only for worst friend of the year but also garnering a nomination for the 'Not Sh*t Sherlock' award for 2016.

Via Mashable