Matthew Lewis AKA Neville Longbottom, gets a lot of press for having the biggest transformation since the Harry Potter movies finished. 

To be fair it was quite the change up, going from dorky pre-teen to hunky leading man. 

However, for our money, the prize for the biggest change goes to Jamie Lee Yeates AKA Marcus Flint. You remember Marcus Flint right? The villainous captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone? Tried to kill Oliver Wood with a beater? No?

Well we remember those teeth anyways. Even if they were fake, his scolding was the stuff of nightmares. If this was your only impression of Jamie Lee Yeates, who was 18 when he starred in the movie, then you'd probably guess he wouldn't be a massive hit with the ladies. Well you'd be wrong. 

Here's what Yates looks like now, aged 32. 


Yep, he's a hottie. According to IMDB, Jamie hasn't acted since his appearance as Marcus Flint though there are images in Google that seem to suggest he's been working in modelling recently. 

Fun Fact: Jamie also appeared in an episode of Mr. Bean where he played an unfortunate young man who ended up in a barber's at the worst possible time. 

Via Metro