OOOOOOH, that looks like it smarts. Big time. 

In case you're unable to view the tweet for whatever reason, the Little Mix singer posted this cautionary tale beside two pics of her seriously raw looking paw. It reads:

“So today I had an accident… and by accident I mean I accidentally set myself on fire. The pilot light on my boiler blew up and it set my arm/hand on fire. Not a pleasant experience. I’m in pain, full of blisters, there’s not one hair left on my hand or arm, and it burned the sleeve of my favourite jumper. F**king nightmare. A little advice from from me… STAY AWAY FROM FIRE. #StaySafeKids."

It sounds so obvious, but it's always so tempting to have a go off your boiler yourself - getting a plumber out to look at it can be expensive, but - looking at Perrie's hand - it's definitely worth the call out fee alone. 

To make matters worse, it happened on Thursday - the day after the BRIT Awards - so she was probably feeling pretty raw anyway... Imagine being hungover and then setting yourself on fire. Mare.