For those of us who are chronically late, you'll know that there's a certain panic about it that makes you think you're going to eventually be fired or stood up by whoever's waiting for you.

Sure, we can do our utmost to be more punctual, but some things just keep repeating. Arnold Anderson, a teacher in New Jersey, had a pretty straightforward reason as to why he was constantly late to class - he ate breakfast at home.

Anderson was, as you'd expect, fired from his job as Maths teacher in Roosevelt Elementary School. However, he managed to win an arbitration case against his former employers on a pretty simple basis.

He argued that the school did not follow proper procedures for warning him about his lateness, instead firing Anderson for his chronic lateness. According to the arbitration reports, Anderson was late 46 times this year and a total of 65 times the previous year.

The teacher argued that the school district did not formally warn him of his behaviour, nor did they gave him the required 90 days to change his ways.

As it stands now, Anderson is suspended until the end of the year and will return to his post in 2016.

"I will be early," Anderson said, following the decision.


Via WLTX19