What's better than a mid-afternoon nap? Nothing. Especially when you're on holidays in the blazing heat, which is so energy-sapping that it's only right to have a guilt-free nap. Sure you'd be mad not to.

Spain, as a country, has been on board with the tradition of the siesta - a two to three-hour long break in the mid-afternoon - for centuries. Even today, although the siesta is not observed by everyone, the working hours of most Spaniards is 9am to 8pm, with a 2-3 hour break in the middle of the day to do whatever they see fit with - sleep, shop, relax, meet with friends.

But now, thanks to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy (aka Mariano Killjoy), he wants to abolish the siesta and have the people of Spain finish work at 6pm instead, like most other European countries.

According to a 2013 report, the abolition of the siesta would help to boost Spain's low birth rate, save failing marriages and increase productivity in the work place.

Rajoy is taking the stance ahead of a general election in June, so we'll see how popular his proposition is in a few months. 


Via Independent.co.uk