Diamonds. They may be a girls best friend but they're certainly not a mans. Not when they're inside you anyway. A 25-year-old Lebanese man was arrested yesterday in South Africa after being caught attempting to smuggle 220 diamonds out of the country in his digestive tract. Caught at the security checkpoint in Johannesburg's main airport, the man, and presumably his cargo, were bound for Dubai before being separated from one another. "We used laxatives to remove the diamonds,” a police spokesman informed the world. Too much information, or just enough?

The diamonds were said to be worth around $2.25 million, but it's not revealed how much the willing vessel was going to receive for them. Also, not the first time this has happened in South Africa, as another Lebanese national was caught trying to smuggle $1.69 million worth of diamonds out of the country in March. What is it with Lebanese men and diamonds up their arse South Africa?