As we near Valentine's Day, no doubt you're all gearing up (heh) for the big day with all sorts of frolicking and so on.

A recent survey conducted by Spin1038 has yielded some particularly interesting results about how we get down with the bidness.

Over 1,000 responded to the survey, with just under half admitting that they've sent naked pictures on their phone to someone.

A surprising 40% saying that they have used a dating app, but only 15% have said they've gained a meaningful relationship from using one.

Meanwhile, 12% have taken part in a threeway, with 50% of respondents saying they've experienced anal sex.

72% of respondents have had unprotected sex, with ALL female respondents saying that they do not carry condoms.

39% of female respondents admitting to have sex on the first date, with a meagre 5% those surveyed saying they've had sex with over 30 partners.

You're all dirty stop-outs, basically, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.