Earlier today we reported that Pokémon Go mania had reached its peak with Pokérock

We'd like to take this opportunity to admit that we were wrong. It's actual peak has come just now with the news that a London woman has quit her job as a teacher in order to become a full time Pokémon Go player. 

26 year old Sophia Pedraza became obsessed with the game after she downloaded two weeks ago, often playing it for up to eighteen hours a day. Pedraza decided to quit her job in order to cash in on the craze by catching Pokémon and selling her accounts on Ebay. 

The auction site has accounts for sale ranging from £50 up to several thousand depending on the characters and combo points on offer. Gamers who buy accounts on eBay risk having their accounts suspended as it breaks the terms of service set out by developers Niantic. 

That hasn't put most people off though with one account going for £7,500. 

Sophia told ITV that: "I downloaded it and immediately realised there is money to be made. If you can get to a decent level you can sell it to people on eBay. I heard accounts were being sold and I looked on eBay and some accounts at level 20 and above for a £1,000 and level 15 bids were about £100 - £200. If you put the time in you can get to level 15 after a day or two. I plan to buy more phones and play multiple games at one time."

She added: "Some days I play it for 18 hours-a-day because you can play all the time even when you're out with your friends in bars and clubs. My mum thinks I'm mad but she's coming round to the idea. I'm going to do it for as long as it makes money. It's a big craze at the moment and there's money to be made but if it slows down I can always go back to teaching."