As we look back on 2014, we can ask ourselves, are we truly happy? Possibly, but not as happy as the happiest place on Earth, which isn't Ireland it seems.

The Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research have published the results of a recent survey that asked nearly 65,000 people across 62 countries whether or not they were happy, in an effort to find out which country was the happiest in the world. 

The results have shown that, globally, happiness is on the rise as 70% of those surveyed said that they would deem themselves 'happy', up from last year's 60% result, and only 6% of people saying that they were unhappy, compared to 12% last year. However, when looking ahead, just 42% of people thought that 2015 would be better economically for their country, while 53% felt that things would get better overall. 

The happiest place in the world is Fiji, where 93% of people responded that they were having a great aul time, while on the other end of the scale Iraq was found to be the least happiest place on Earth, as 31% of them said they were not having a good time.

In Europe, Finland topped the poll with 80% of them saying they were happy, while overall Africa was the most positive region, with 83% classing themselves as happy. Asia followed close behind on 77%, while Western Europe proved to be the least happy, with 11% saying they were unhappy with life in general. 

Unsurprisingly, the Greeks were the least happy people in Europe, given their economic troubles, with 25% saying they were unhappy, while things are not going well in Bulgaria it seems, as just 32% of Bulgarians said that they were happy. Ireland sat pretty much in the middle, with 52% of people saying they were either happy or very happy, and 20% responding they were unhappy.

The survey also asked Irish people a number of other questions, including whether they trusted or distrusted certain groups of people, with 83% saying they didn't trust bankers and 87% saying they distrusted politicians. Shock, horror, etc. 60% said they didn't trust journalists (you're off our Christmas card list for next year, entire nation of Ireland) and the most important thing to those surveyed here was their nationality. You can have a detailed look at all the stats on Ireland over here.

When it comes to happiness, the top five countries were: 

Fiji - 93%

Colombia - 90%

Nigeria - 89%

Saudi Arabia - 87%

Philippines - 86%

Via, i100. Main pic via Wikimedia