That's right, there's nothing particularly special that we can find about this tweet that's causing everyone to retweet and comment on it - it's just a picture of President Michael D. Higgins, his wife Sabina, and his two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bród and Síoda.

We've scanned every bit of this and all we can find is some fluff on the lovely carpet, presumably caused by the two big hairy boys our President keeps indoors in the heat (good on him).

Yet, for some reason, this tweet has been retweeted 376 times directly as of writing, has been commented on numerous times by others, and it's just... well, it's just a picture of our President, his wife, and some dogs.

Maybe it's because the world we live in is seeing so many other leaders drift to the far-right. Donald Trump's Twitter account, for example, is like that pink goo from 'Ghostbusters II' that turns everyone angry when they come into contact with it. This, on the other hand, is a ray of sunshine and wholesome content.

Seven more years, folks. Seven more years.