If you've been wondering aloud to yourself what Tom Arnold, the zany co-star of 'True Lies' and 'Roseanne', he's been out there trying to track down tapes of Donald Trump being a racist asshole for his new show on Vice, 'The Trump Tapes'.

Arnold's confrontational style has invariably gotten him to trouble in the past, but this time, it's escalated to something pretty serious. Arnold is claiming that Mark Burnett, the producer on 'The Apprentice' of which Arnold was a contestant for the celebrity version, went for him at last night's Emmys and essentially resulted in a brawl between them.

Roma Downey of 'Touched By An Angel' fame, and also Burnett's wife, tells a different story altogether. She claims that Arnold attacked them, not the other way around, and that she was even bruised in the altercation. Here's said evidence of bruising.

Of course, others are claiming that Downey was faking the bruise and that it certainly wasn't fresh, but that obviously can't be verified from this vantage point. Meanwhile, Tom Arnold has been pretty vociferous about the whole thing, and has claimed Kevin Bacon of all people saw the whole thing go down and witnessed the incident unfold.

So, the outcome? It's hard to say, really. Arnold's documentary series begins tomorrow night on Viceland and will likely spark off plenty of commentary from Donald Trump himself, and there'll undoubtedly be lawyers involved with this particular skirmish. All in all, the world is on fire and this is just another symptom of the madness.