Hmmm. Still trying to figure out if Bill's "killing" it or "murdering" it... Please help us decide. Things start out quite shaky, but then he seems to warm up towards the end.

Whatever you reckon about his singing abilities, the man sure knows how to shake a spare tambourine. A ring-a-ding-ding.

According to, Bill took to the stage at the annual Caddyshack Celebrity Golf Charity event. Bill has a love for all things golf, particularly the carts (he was once pulled over by Swedish police for driving one under the influence - on a main street)

For those who haven't experienced the joy that is Caddyshack, Bill was the undisputed star of the film (Chevy Chase would argue against that, mind). Here's a heartwarming montage of him with his nemesis. That gofer got some groove!