After the utter smash-hit that was Street Fighter IV in 2008, it looked Capcom had topped off the series with something special.

Sure, there was Super Street Fighter IV and then, of course, ULTRA Street Fighter IV - but the game liked as much an end to the series as anything we've played. After all, where could the game / series realistically go to next? If this trailer is anything to go by, there might be answer to that - single-player campaigns.

This cryptic trailer, which introduces a number of new, never-before-seen characters, is heavily focused on the single-player storyline. Not only that, the press release attached give us a few more clues as well. According to the release, the game's single-player experience will be split in two - Character Stories and Cinematic Story Expansion.

The Character Stories will be your run-of-the-mill ladder setup, with illustrations by Japanese illustrator Bengus providing the imagery. The Cinematic Story Expansion, which is a free update, will tell the story of what happened in-universe between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV. We're guessing this is something similar to what Netherealm Studios have been doing for some time now, like in Mortal Kombat and Injustice: Gods Amongst Us.

Here's the first trailer, in the meantime.