There is only one food we can think of that everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, enjoys - toast.

Simple, elegant and a sight to behold - toast makes everything better. It can be eaten at literally any point in the day or night and instantly makes you feel better.

However, when it comes to buttering said toast, there's been some dispute.

You know those blocks of butter some people buy? You know the ones. They come in perfect rectangle blocks and usually are so hard that they end up destroying your toast.

Sure, if you're cooking with it, it's great. Just chop away - but us mortals who aren't Darina Allen don't like rectangle butter, even though it's a far creamier butter.

Think of it like Coke from a can - theoretically proven to be nicer than a bottle. Now imagine you have to open that can with an old-style can opener. That's what buttering toast with a rectangle block is like.

That is, until now. Say hello to the ButterUp Knife.

A quantum-leap in toast-buttering technology has taken place in Australia and they're looking for help in getting it off the ground.

Run this thing across a rectangle block of butter and voila - you have gooey, melty goodness on your toast.

Check our their Kickstarter video.