She may not have been able to go off the rails in her TV roles as Karen Walker in 'Will & Grace' or Tammy II on 'Parks and Recreation' but left to her own devices and with no FCC around, Megan Mullally and her filthy mouth and mind make for some excellent Tinder hijacking.

Mullally commandeered a producer from Vanity Fair's Tinder account as part of their series of Tinder takeover videos and to say she "ran riot" with the opportunity would be an understatement.

Mullally actually took part in the segment back in 2016 but Vanity Fair, possibly in light of the return of 'Will & Grace' or possibly because the internet recently rediscovered the segment, only added it to their YouTube channel this week where it's now deservedly getting a new lease of life.

We would have thought that Karen Walker would be the worst person to let near your personal life but it turns out her creator is far, far more damaging.