A former MMA fighter turned real-life superhero has decided to return to the cage in the hopes that he can raise the money he needs to keep up the fight against crime. 

Somewhat like a real-life Batman, Ben Fodor donned a costume and took to the streets of his home town to help those in need; from stopping fights to administering basic first aid, Phoenix Jones is a superhero to many of Seattle's residents. 

For the last few years, Jones/Fodor has been taking to the streets to help people, and he treads the fine line between doing good and breaking the law. While the Seattle Police Department aren't exactly rooting for him, they do say that what he's doing is not illegal, to a point anyway. 

Jones had a promising career in MMA a few years ago, and was on the verge of turning pro before deciding that fighting crime was his true calling. However, he was forced to reveal his identity a while back after a fight on the street where he used pepper spray that resulted in assault charges, and while many residents are fans of what he does, there is an increasing number of run-ins with people on the streets. 

Given the fact that Fodor is no Bruce Wayne, he needed to find a way to keep up his crime fighting ways, and as a way to make some money from his talents, he decided that a return to the cage was in order. Featured on a well produced piece for Sports Center on ESPN, Fodor explains that "if people think I did it for money, they're not hearing me. It's about the lifestyle I want to live, and fighting is going to get me there". 

Via MMA Junkie