If you're remotely squeamish or nervous about flying, you're better off not reading about this or watching the video.

This video, captured just a few days ago in Prague, shows a Boeing 737-400 forced to make two attempts at landing due to huge crosswinds. The flight, operated by Spanish airline Air Horizont, was coming into land at Vaclav Havel Airport in the Czech Republic when a massive gust buffeted the plane during landing.

As you can see from the video, the 737 is thrown around and the pilot quickly has to accelerate away and climb in order to attempt a second landing.

By the time they've circled around, it appears the winds have died down enough for the pilots to attempt a second landing and, sure enough, it comes in without a hitch.

A passenger on the plane commented underneath the video, saying that a cheer went up when the plane landed. Others in the comments, presumably pilots or flight aficionados, commented that the estimated wind speed was close to 30 to 35 knots.

Whatever the case may be, it makes for a pretty terrifying video.