Believe it or not, Ireland prop Mike Ross is a huge gamer.

He's both huge AND a gamer. Hah. Wordplay. Anyway, Mike Ross was sound enough to call into the office last week for a quick chat and to play Star Wars: Battlefront with us.

The 6'2ft Corkonian behemoth is an avid fan of gaming and when he's not destroying people on the rugby pitch for the glory of Ireland, he's doing the same thing with a keyboard or a controller.

Take a look. Ross is on the top part of the screen, we're on the bottom.

We have to commend Ross' ability; he admitted afterwards that he's more used to playing with a keyboard and a mouse (he's a purist) than a controller - which is probably why we won two games out of three. 

That being said, when Ross got into the zone in the final match, he convincingly wiped the floor with us.

Good job, Mike. We'll be ready for the next one.