A presidential candidate flying into an arena on a dragon? Why not!

If all of the elections and referendums in the past few years has you automatically glazing over every time they appear on your TV or social media timeline, you're not the only one.

But always one step ahead, South Korea TV station SBS appears to have predicted this malaise and have upped the game in election graphics massively with their 'Game of Thrones' inspired work that is quite frankly bonkers.

Moon Jae-in was elected president in yesterday's general election and in efforts to engage their audience, SBS deployed some elaborate and mesmerising visual aids that inserted the candidates into Westeros' most famous roles and locations.

It really is quite impressive.

Not to be outdone, rival TV station MBC also mixed it up but instead of toying with copyright issues with HBO, it went down the classic video game route and had the candidates face off in Pokémon, Street Fighter and Mario Kart style graphics.

Imagine someone doing this with Enda and co. Imagine.