Get ready to change your relationship status to "it's complicated"...

A judge in Manhattan has decided that it's now alright to send people their divorce papers over Facebook, after a case came before him in which a woman was unable to get in contact with her husband. 

A Manhattan Supreme Court justice made the ruling, which states that since Facebook messaging is one of the few ways that she is able to get a response from him, that it is a viable medium for him to receive the documents. Andrew Spinnell, her lawyer, will have to message the papers once a week for three weeks or until the message is acknowledged, but he stated that "I think it's new law, and it’s necessary". 

According to The Verge, this is not about to become the norm, as the couple only make contact via phone calls or Facebook messages, and that the husband has not had a permanent address since 2011. The legal team had to prove that he was unwilling to present himself to be served papers, which even included hiringa private investigator to track him down, so your Facebook mail is probably safe and free of divorce papers...for now.

Via The Verge