There is an actual honest to God Hollywood A-lister on The Late Late Show tonight folks, let's not mess this one up. No doubt Ryan Tubridy is prepped up to his eyeballs on what to ask the Oscar winner, who is notorious for his short temper. However we thought we would come up with a few of our own questions, just to, you know, get the ball rolling and whatnot.

Would we have the balls to ask Russell Crowe any of these in person? Sure we would! As long as you can guarantee us that will never, ever happen....

1 - Do you think a Snickers bar might help with your temper tantrums?

2 - Did you ever wear socks with sandals on Gladiator?

3 - Was it an actual leprechaun that taught you your Irish accent in A Winter's Tale?

4 - Would your rugby league team ever come over and play our Irish Rugby team? (What? Has somebody asked him that before?!)

5 - Have you, or would you like to ever, go fightin' round the world?

If you would like to see Ryan Tubridy asking Russell Crowe a lot more intelligent questions than these (we hope) you can catch him on The Late Late Show tonight at 9.35pm.