TVLine has confirmed that the fifth and final season of 'The Affair' will be set in a futuristic Montauk, with Anna Paquin playing the daughter of Ruth Wilson's character. The previous season ended with Ruth Wilson's character, Alison Lockhart, being murdered by her lover, Ben.

The fifth season, like most of 'The Affair', will be split across two timelines - although the gap in time here is more distinct than any other season. Anna Paquin's character is a grown-up version of Joanie, and will see her return to a climate-change ravaged Montauk and trying to piece together her mother's death.

The move comes as a major cast shakeup is underway on the show. Joshua Jackson, Sandino Moreno and Omar Metwally will not be returning as series regulars. The intent of jumping the whole series forward three decades is, according to the writers of the show, to bring the story full circle.

As the official logline for the new series states, the final season "will chronicle the aftermath of the (Season 4) finale’s horrific events and find the characters coming to terms with the consequences of their choices — as they make the realization that if they really want to change their futures they must first face the past. This final season is about how everything does really fall apart in the end, but somewhere in that wreckage, the seeds of change finally sprout."

'The Affair' will return in 2019.