Although the The Night Manager very much ended with a sense of finality in the last episode, it hasn't stopped fans wanting more adventures for Jonathan Pine and it appears they're not alone in that desire. 

Tom Hiddleston, who's been nominated for an Emmy for the role, has admitted that he would be 'very interested' in continuing the story with a second season. 

Speaking to Deadline, Hiddleston said that "I feel so connected to Pine and his predicament that I would be very interested to see where he would go next." However he conceded that the decision was "the lap of le Carré and his sons". 

He's not the only cast member to express an interest in returning. Olivia Colman has previously said that she would be interested in a second run of the series, but only "if it was as good or better" than the original. 

Series writer David Farr has admitted there is plenty of pressure to produce another season but that he feels the story has been told and he's happy with the ending.