The game show with no questions is coming back to TV3 shortly for a second series and it's looking for new contestants. It will continue to be hosted by Jonathan McCrea for this second series and there is still a jackpot of ten grand to be won, not too shabby just for spottin' a few fibs 'ey?

So if you haven't watched the game, this is how it goes; in each round contestants are faced with a series of statements in a chosen category, from pop culture to current affairs. There will always be one lie but as they get closer to the jackpot, the number of true statements and inevitably the number of pitfalls increase. The anticipation levels rise as the rounds go by, with the lies becoming more difficult to spot. Sound doable to you?

TV3 are now looking for teams of two to take part, so be it husband and wife, bro and sis, or just best buds, you can go for it. Those interested can apply via an online application form on with applications closing on August 1st 2014 and filming taking place in TV3’s Sony HD studio in September 2014.