If you were watching Damo and Ivor on Monday night, you'll have seen some epic moves pulled on the dance floor as Damo's 'Proud to be Irish' was blasted out in the night club they were in for Spuddy's stag. The song has since amassed over 76,000 views on the Damo & Ivor Facebook page and currently occupies the iTunes top spot in Ireland. Bleedin' deadly wha'?

Damo commented on the news saying; ‘Number 1!!! Can ya believe it? Grano's been bawlin' nonstop since it hit da top spot! I'm like a musical genius! I'm tellin' ya Tiesto and Avicii are gonna be on the blower soon lookin' to make tracks with me! G'wan da Irish!’

Andrew Quirke's show has once more proved a hit in the second series becoming the number one, most-watched show in the country for 15 to 34 year olds. The final episode of the series will air this coming Monday, featuring the 'wedding of the year', as well as the long awaited results of Sarah-Jane's paternity test - just who is the da... Damo or Ivor?

Have a listen to the song below there too... it's not half bad!

Might even be the new 'Maniac'...