Thank Jebus, Mr Norton has returned from wherever the hell he was this last month and his series returns tonight. Friday night's just aren't the same without him really, are they? Sure we've got The Late Late Show, which every so often pulls out Linda Martin-esque quality moments, but Norton is just entertainment from start to finish - all winner, no filler.

So who does he have on the show tonight? First up, he's got Aussie actor Russell Crowe, who's doing the rounds at the moment for his new movie 'Noah'. He was even here last week you probably heard, let's just hope he keeps any red carpet moments to himself....

Also on the show he'll have screen siren Cameron Diaz, next to be seen in relationship comedy The Other Woman, as well as upcoming comedy 'Sex Tape'. Have you seen the trailer for that? Hilarious.

As well as those pair, actor-director Richard Ayoade (of The IT Crowd fame) will be chatting about his new flick The Double.

And to top it all off, the lovely Kylie Minogue will be on ahead of the final of The Voice UK tomorrow night.

Okay FINE Graham, I guess this lineup makes up for your absence this last while.