The show might have gotten the chop, but it seems that the 'Fannibal' community aren't going down without a fight.

Last night NBC announced that the third season of Hannibal, one of the most visually arresting and interesting shows on television, would not be coming back for a fourth season on the network, which hit the dedicated fanbase pretty hard.

Shortly after the news broke, they sprung into action and started a petition on that would show just how popular the show was to the network, and in less than 24 horus since the news broke, it has already garnered over 17,000 signatures (at time of writing).

News that NBC were cancelling Hannibal came as a surprise to the fanbase, but not to the people behind the show, The De Laurentiis Company, who highlighted that the controversial nature of the subject matter meant that the show was always at risk of getting the chop, but that fans shouldn't lose hope just yet.

Streaming services such as Netflix are a possibility, but as Uproxx point out, Amazon Prime have exclusive rights to stream the show for two more years, which could cause a problem with it getting picked up. However, #SaveHannibal was trending all over the world last night, so there's clearly a demand for the show that could well see it return for future seasons on a different platform. 

Via Uproxx