Earlier in the week, we ran a poll to see who's going to bite the dust in tomorrow's episode, Battle of the Bastards.

We polled just over 476 of you and the results were largely as we expected. Taking in 37% was none other than Ramsay Bolton, which tells us that most of you are expecting a Stark victory. The next character most likely to get wiped out during the battle is our own Liam Cunningham's Ser Davos Seaworth with 16% of the vote.

That's not surprising, to be honest, as we definitely get the feeling that Ser Davos won't make it until the end of the season. In third place, Wun Wun gets 14% of the vote whilst Rickon Stark takes 10% of the vote. On the other end of the poll, Littlefinger was the least likely to die with a measly 1% of the vote whilst Melisandre and Jon Snow's direwolf, Ghost, took 3% of the vote.

All will be revealed later tonight and, as always, we'll have our recap and review tomorrow evening. Here's the poll results in full, in case you're interested.