More and more recently, we're seeing young Irish folk spread their wings and go abroad to show the world just how full of talent this small island actually is. The latest of these is actor Eoin Macken, who has just had the trailer for his new NBC series The Night Shift debut this week.

Macken plays TC Callahan, the leader of a group of army soldiers who have returned home to work in a San Antonio hospital. Still dealing with what they endured in the war, while coping with their own complicated relationships, Macken is surrounded by a talented, recognizable group of actors - Freddy Rodriguez from Six Feet Under, Ken Leung from Lost, Jill Flint from The Good Wife and more besides - but it's the guys BEHIND the camera that are really impressive.

Director Pierre Norel, yes the director of Taken, is guy in charge for some of the episodes, with more directors, writers and crew who have previously worked on the likes of ER, Breaking Bad, 90210 and CSI.

Yet another feather in the cap for awesome Irish actors, Macken and the rest of the docs will be premiering on NBC on May 27th, and all things going well, we should get to see him on this side of the pond pretty soon afterwards!