Thankfully, we can all rest easy knowing that 'Reservoir Dogs' will never get a remake, nor will it have a sequel.

Sure, the pedants out there will say that a sequel was planned but never happened, but you get the point - it's never going to get a sequel some twenty years down the line, unless you count this scene from 'The Late Late Show with James Corden'.

Tim Roth and Steve Buscemi were both on the show and just so happened to be up for recreating the infamous torture scene from 'Reservoir Dogs', except casting Corden in the role made famous by Michael Madsen.

As you'd expect, Corden's love of George Michael, pop songs with internet-friendly dances, and that kind of shallow, deprecating humour that he's built a career on makes up the scene.

Listen, if you really wanted to torture the cop, you could have just played your scenes from 'Cats' and that'd make anyone talk.

Take a look.