Nothing to see here, it's just the star of 'The Boys' pretending to shoot lasers out of his eyes with Stephen Colbert.

If you've ever wondered how ridiculous it must be to pretend to shoot lasers out of your eyes on a serious film or TV set, then wonder no more. Karl Urban of 'The Boys' fame stopped by to do just that with Stephen Colbert last night (and he still managed to look ridiculously cool).

Urban plays the role of Billy the Butcher in the incredibly popular Prime Video series 'The Boys', which features lots of cursing, buckets of fake blood and just generally a lot of mayhem all to do with superpowered individuals doing whatever they want in a messed-up society.

The third season will draw to a close this July, and for the first time in the series, Urban's character gets his own temporary superpowers in the hopes that he'll be able to go toe-to-toe with the other Supes (Antony Starr's Homelander being the main target) and take them down a peg or three.

And so, this season was the very first time Karl Urban had to pretend to shoot lasers out of his eyes on set, an acting challenge that looks laughably absurd until CGI is inserted into the final product.

Making the most of his late-night appearance, the 50-year-old took the opportunity to teach the host how to do it - and challenged him to a laser-off mid-chat. Here's the moment.

Sure, acting is difficult, but have you ever pretended lasers were coming out of your eyes? It looks like once you've nailed the intense stare, and don't forget to grit your teeth, you'll have the challenge down.

The full interview with Urban is below, where the New Zealand actor also talked about his time on 'The Lord of the Rings' as Eomer, first appearing in the Peter Jackson franchise 20 years ago in 'The Two Towers'.

The latest episode of 'The Boys', 'Herogasm', featured a number of very pivotal moments in the series' storyline (plus, lots of x-rated happenings). The season three finale hits Prime Video on July 8.