McIntyre has filmed unsuspecting people singing karaoke to some of Kylie's hit songs in a couple of bars in England. We say "singing" hesitantly; the fans didn't know at the time where their videos would end up - or that they were even being filmed.

If you haven't seen 'Michael McIntyre's Big Show' before, the comedian loves to poke fun at poor unaware people in his studio audience at The Theatre Royal, in London. Kylie took part in the show this week, while last year it was Gary Barlow who was on hand to mortify singing fans.

As Michael McIntyre heads out into the audience this time, you can see heads dropping left, right, and centre as they try to avoid being seen by the camera. McIntyre and his team manage to nab four different people and couples, with the best being saved for last. Audience member Tracy's dance moves even makes Kylie's "face ache" from laughing so much.

If you can spare a quick 14 or so minutes, it's definitely worth a watch; if only to see the audience reactions alone.