You'll know her best as Lorelai Gilmore of the Gilmore Girls, but Lauren Graham is a published author, and has just struck a deal with Warner Brothers to develop a TV show based on her debut novel.

'Someday, Someday, Maybe' tells the real of Franny Banks, a young woman who is trying to make it as an actress in New York City, She's given herself 3 years to do it, and with only six months left, time is running out.The book, which hit the shelves in the US at the end of April, is already a New York Times bestseller, so it's no surprise to see Deadline reporting that the studios are eager to pick it up for adaptation. The 46-year-old actress will pen the screenplay apparently, and serve as an executive producer.

Ellen DeGeneres will be involved as an executive producer too (ain't that a recipe for success?), as will Jeff Kleeman. We're hearing the show will be an hour-long drama, but there's still no word on who will star. Wonder if Alexis Bledel would have time to help her old screen mammy out?

Talk about your fairy tale endings...