Although it was announced nearly four years ago, the TV reboot of 'The Lost Boys' has gone through some serious changes since then.

As recently as this time last year, a pilot was made by Catherine Hardwicke - director of 'Twilight', no less - that was eventually passed on. That iteration of the idea saw each season of the proposed series go through a different time period, following the titular Lost Boys from decade to decade.

That didn't go over with The CW, who then ordered reshoots and recasting. Now, however, it seems that another iteration of the idea is moving ahead, this time with a much more streamlined version of what's in store. Per EW, the new series will basically take the plot of the original 1987 movie and transpose it to today's world.

Speaking to EW in July of last year, writer Rob Thomas - who previously created 'Veronica Mars' and 'iZombie' - explained how determined he is to see a 'Lost Boys' TV series. "We just shot a pilot that did not quite work; we plan on shooting another one. Hopefully this fourth attempt of ours will be the charm."

That's right - four attempts have now been made to get 'The Lost Boys' off the ground as a TV series. Does that not say something? Maybe it's enough to simply have a great cult movie and leave it at that?

If nothing else, expect to hear this belter of a tune somewhere around if the pilot gets ordered to series.