It's been one year since we bid farewell to good old Nidgey in those heart-stopping final moments of season five of Love/Hate, and while there have been rumours galore about what is happening with the show, it's been confirmed that season six is "in development".

A source told the Irish Mirror; "While scenes are not yet being filmed, locations and new talent are being scouted for Love/Hate's big comeback.

As was thought, season six is set to focus on Traveller Patrick, the man responsible for bringing King Nidge down.

The source added; "Bringing the focus to Patrick and his background will open up the show to a whole new legion of fans."

While another one of these 'source' folk (those guys have all the news) said; "Stuart is fascinated by the Traveller community. It was the only storyline that really interested him in season five and now Patrick has killed Nidge it seems a natural progression to follow Patrick’s story.

"Tom [Vaughan-Lawlor] is happy to pass the gauntlet on to Patrick. He was really impressed with his acting ability this year and he knows Stuart will write something amazing for him."

Looking forward to seeing how all this develops, although we will definitely miss Nidge, that crazy b*st*rd.


*Update: The official line from RTE is, "There are no plans to bring back Love/Hate at this time."

Oh. Never mind then. As you were.

(Via Irish Mirror