So, it seems Luke Pasqualiano, aka Freddie from the second generation of Skins, will be taking up a sword and swinging into action as D'Artagnan in the BBC's latest take on The Three Musketeers. He'll be joining Santiago Cabrera (who you'll recognise from Merlin and Heroes), Tom Burke (The Hour) and Howard Charles, who come fresh from the stage to round off the pack.

Luke isn't the only Skins alumnus joining the cast though. The Thick of It star Peter Capaldi (who played Sid's dad), has been cast as Cardinal Richelieu in Primeval co-creator Adrian Hodges' new take on the Alexandre Dumas classic. So it's good new for Freddie then, but what about the rest of the gang eh? We weren't really that pushed with the second generation to be honest, but the first held a very special place in our hearts because y'know, Skins was actually kind of decent when it started.

What happened to the first generation Skins?

Nicholas Hoult aka Tony
Well, that one's pretty self explanatory isn't it? Hoult's climbing beanstalks and jetting around the world with the X-Men after starring opposite Colin Firth in A Single Man. He's even headed up his own zombie chick flick. 10/10

Dev Patel aka Anwar

Probably the first and biggest success story to come out of the franchise, Dev Patel pretty much has the whole world at his feet. The critics loved him in Slumdog Millionaire, he shone once again in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and even made it big on US TV with his starring role in The Newsroom. Plus, five years on he's still dating Freida Pinto. Sorted.

Mike Bailey aka Sid

Sid was, by far, my favourite Skins character ever. Mike Bailey didn't do too badly for himself off the back of it at first, being signed up to star in Channel 4's 1066: The Battle for Middle Earth. From there on in it went a bit quiet, but word on the street is he's filmed a new teen comedy called We Are The Freaks. Y'never know, maybe we'll see him on the big screen in 2013.

Hannah Murray aka Cassie
One of the most popular Skins characters of all time, Cassie Ainsworth captivated a generation. As for Hannah Murray? Well, she's actually set to play her again when Skins Pure hits our screens this year. Hannah's been quite busy of late, being Gilly in Game of Thrones and all. Did you know she had a really tiny part (that eventually got cut) with our own Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell in In Bruges?

Joe Dempsie aka Chris
We WEPT, that's all we're saying. Joe's done quite a bit of telly since Skins, taking on parts in Doctor Who, Merlin and the critically acclaimed This Is England 86. You might have spied him alongside Michael Sheen, Jim Broadbent, Stephen Graham and Timothy Spall in The Damned United too. But, his BIG success story is Game of Thrones. Realised that's him playing Gendry yet?

April Pearson aka Michelle

Ah Michelle, Tony's long suffering other half and the object of dear Sid's affections. Sadly that's all April's really known for, as she hasn't done anything MAJOR since Skins. There was a horror flick called Tormented in 2009, in which she played a sadistic schoolgirl, but other than that it's been soaps like Casualty and a return to the stage. Quiet life.

Larissa Wilson aka Jal
All seems rather quiet on the Wilson front since Skins ended. Larissa did team up with April Pearson for that 2009 film, Tormented, and she played Iris Bassey in the Beeb's show about Shirley, but other than that, we've not really heard much from her. Pity, we rather liked her, and we certainly liked Jal an awful lot.

Mitch Hewer aka Maxxie
Yes, that was him with brown hair in Brittania High. Talk about your WTF Maxxie moments. Mitch Hewer hasn't done an awful lot since then (other than a Take That musical) but we're not ruling him out of the running entirely. He's got a new movie coming up, and it just so happens to star some young wan called Selena Gomez. Wonder if anyone will go see it?

And as for Kaya Scodelario... well, I think that one speaks for itself don't you?