Staying in this January weekend? Damn right you are. Here's what to watch, movie-wise, on TV this weekend.


Saturday - RTE 2

9.15PM - Calvary

Brendan Gleeson leads an ensemble cast of Irish talent in a thought-provoking drama about a priest who's plainly told that he'll be murdered in seven days by one of his own parishoners. Written and directed by John Michael McDonagh, it's easily Gleeson's greatest on-screen performance as the troubled priest who's just trying his best to help those around him. Haunting, blackly comic in places, Calvary is astounding. Make time and watch it.



Saturday - Channel 4

9.00PM - Sicario

An FBI agent is recruited to join an elite government task force based on the border between the US and Mexico, charged with preventing drugs being smuggled into the country. The team is sent on a secret mission, and the new recruit is forced to question everything she believes in order to survive. If you haven't yet watched this, GET ON IT NOW.



Sunday - TV3

9.10PM - Anchorman

Will Ferrell is one of those actors who is at his best when he is making an almighty show of himself. Ferrell, of course, plays our title character, the anchorman at KVWN in San Diego. Redefining the concept of sleaze, he sports an awesome moustache and hairdo combo, which endears him to his viewers almost as much as his ridiculous catchphrases. ('Stay classy'). As he's 'the man' in KVWN news department, Burgundy reacts with horror when ambitious female reporter Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) is thrown onto his team. Needless to say, the anchorman and the rest of his Boys Club don't really like this development and do everything they can to ensure that Veronica can't handle the job or the newsroom. Not a comedy ever likely to be described as subtle, Anchorman is a 90-minute freefall through idiotic lunacy with man-child Ferrell the master of ceremonies.