Staying in this weekend? Looking for something to watch? Here's three movies on the TV this weekend you should definitely check out.


Friday - 21.35

RTE One - Noble

Deirdre O'Kane stars in this biopic on Irish campaigner Christina Noble, who overcame an incredibly difficult life in Dublin to become an advocate for children's rights in Saigon, Vietnam. The films follow Noble as she leaves Dublin and the UK behind to travel to Ho Chi Minh City where, with no money and a lot of courage, she begins to make a difference in the lives of children.




Saturday - 22.10

BBC One - Die Hard With A Vengeance

John McClane is back and this time, he's facing off against Simon - brother of Hans - Gruber (Jeremy Irons) in a deadly game of Simon Says across New York. It's filled with tons of memorable quotes, Bruce Willis one-liners, an over-the-top Shakespearean actor playing a German, and - of course - Samuel L. Jackson being angry at people and inanimate objects. What more can you reasonably ask for in an action movie?




Sunday - 21.00

3 - Red Eye

What with the passing of Wes Craven in recent years, it's high time we all took a look back over Red Eye and reevaluated it for what it was - a silly, enjoyable thriller with a campy, OTT performance by Cillian Murphy as - and this is the best part - Jackson Rippner. Amazing. Rachel MacAdams plays a haples hotel manager who's being blackmailed by Murphy in order to help him assassinate a politician. It's silly as all hell, but it's a lorra lorra fun.