Jason Momoa aka Khal Drogo aka Aquaman has been spotted in Belfast on the tear with several of his former Game of Thrones co-stars - prompting speculation that he may be set for a return in the show's next series, possibly as part of a flashback.

Then again, the actor may have just been passing through and decided to join his pals for a sesh; from the excited (and punctuation-free) caption he placed alongside several snaps on Instagram, it's hard to decipher.

"Unite the clans. 24hrs in Belfast GOT," he wrote. "Super honored to once apart of this show. I love seeing all my friends and new ones @khivju your a fucking legend Mad crazy love to Dan and David and Every one i saw i know u just started good luck with filming the greatest show in history have fun Aloha Drogo."

He then posted pictures of himself with Kristofer Hivju (Tormund) and producer David Benioff in a restaurant, as well as pics of Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Ser Davos (Liam Cunningham) and others in a pub. Season 8 of the show has just begun filming in Northern Ireland.


In recent days, he has also posted pictures of himself with former screen wife Emilia Clarke aka Danaerys Targaryen - with the teasing hashtag #getreadyhereicome - although Clarke's own photo suggests that them being in the same place at the same time was more coincidental.

Oh well, only *checks calendar* another year and a half or so to find out...

When life is so good that your sun and stars is in your city...you lose your eyes and gain 5 grins ðŸ˜ÂÂÂ? (and gins) where until now they'd only been one... (*grins- there's always more gins) ðŸÂÂÂ?¸ @prideofgypsies YOU ALWAYS MOTHER OF DRAGONS MAIN MAN ðŸ˜ÂÂÂ?ðŸÂÂÂ?² #lookoutjonsnowdrogosgotyournumber #happinessishere #hawaiianhakahunkoffunshutsdownlondon ðŸ'ªðŸÂÂÂ?»ðŸ¥‚ðŸÂÂÂ?†

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